Isaac Finger-Baker

Vice President, Development

Isaac Finger-Baker has a Masters in Materials Engineering from the University of Florida in Gainesville Florida. For his graduate work he specialized in the production and functionalization of ceramic and biocompatible nanoparticles and nanofibers for drug delivery. After graduation he worked on the development of targeted drug nanoparticles for the treatment of traumatic brain injury and thereafter transitioned into an extensive career in biotechnology research and development. Completing his molecular biology, immunology, and cell science education through on the job training, Mr. Finger-Baker specialized in recombinant protein production for vaccines, therapies and monoclonal antibody treatments followed by several years pursuing the development of recombinant viral vectors for gene therapy, oncolytic treatment and vaccines. With extensive hands on technical experience with cell culture and genetic techniques, he enjoys spending some time in the lab and on the production floor.

Mr. Finger-Baker brings with him more than a decade of biopharma experience dealing with regulatory, quality, operations, development, and project management. A considerable portion of his projects have been direct contracts or subcontracts from various US government agencies both military and civilian. His broad understanding of the biotech industry allows him to serve adeptly as 42Bio’s VP of Development.
As co-inventor of 42Bio’s magnetic separation technology, Mr. Finger-Baker’s current research interests focus on the adaptation of magnetic separation of biological components of complex mixtures. He currently serves as the Principal Investigator for 42Bio’s recently awarded NSF SBIR Phase I project, Immune Transfer by Magnetic Separation.

Selected Publications

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