42Bio, a spin-off company from the University of Florida co-founded by Drs. Jon Dobson, Peter McFetridge and Blanka Sharma, is composed of a team of leading biotechnology scientists and engineers.

With unique platform technologies that address a broad range of needs, including both scalable cell and biomolecule separation, 42Bio's patent portfolio also covers a wide variety of products from skincare, to regenerative and veterinarian medicine, and even magnetic separation. The company's overall mission is to develop technologies to advance research and clinical treatments for human and veterinary health.

Our founders and team members host a wide array of talents and experiences that ultimately come together to form the core of 42Bio. Dr. Dobson's research focuses on biomedical applications of magnetic micro- and nanoparticles, including magnetic targeting of modified cell carriers for cancer therapy, magnetic nanoparticle-based gene transfection delivery, and magnetic targeting and remote activation of cell signaling pathways for stem cell therapy. Dr. McFetridge, an Associate Professor at UF, explores materials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, including growth factor technologies and bioreactor designs with clinical applications with potential for advancing biological and engineering understanding. Dr. Sharma, an Assistant professor at UF with a PhD from Johns Hopkins, studies material-cell interactions to guide targeted drug and cell delivery in regenerative medicine and cancer, with a focus on developing therapeutic approaches to direct inflammatory mechanisms.