Placental Matrix
Placenta-derived biomolecules 

 42Bio has developed a unique biomolecule extraction from the placenta for regenerative medicine applications. Unlike others in the market, Placental Matrix is derived from the placental cotyledons (not the membranes), providing an enhanced and unique composition of biomolecules. 42Bio’s Placental Matrix is a complex mix of growth factors, structural molecules, and other biomolecules found in the placenta. These compounds are isolated using a patent-protected process that separates the unwanted bulk material while retaining active biomolecules in a flowable, immune-privileged product. This platform enables multiple Placental Matrix products to be tuned for different research applications - both chemically and mechanically - as well as to ensure its uniform incorporation into other existing platforms.


42Bio is developing the Placental Matrix technology for veterinary applications, including bone regeneration and wound healing. Early studies have shown unparalleled regenerative potential.
42Bio's Placental Matrix product was recently used to save the limb of JoJo, a young giraffe at the Jacksonville Zoo.
Placental Matrix prevented the need for limb amputation of two dogs with septic non-union by facilitating functional bone regeneration and clearance of the infection.

Images from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.